Despite all the legal challenges to vape, there is one kind of vape slowly becoming popular once more. Disposable vapes were popular in the past, and there is a renewed interest in them, and the changes the disposable vapes have gotten over time.

To begin with, disposable vapes generally have the same anatomy as a vape mod. Disposable vapes also used to be pretty small - they had at most, the same amount of liquid as a pod system but did not allow you to change the pods.

Nowadays, disposable vapes are a lot bigger. Some are even rechargeable because there’s so much juice in them!

One downside of disposable vapes is that they cannot be emptied out for safe traveling. When on a plane, vapes tanks should be emptied to prevent the tank from leaking as the air pressure changes. Since they cannot be emptied, it is advisable to leave disposables at home.

Why do people say disposables taste better?

One of the things that can reduce the lifespan of coils is the amount of sweetener in the juice. Disposable vapes coils only have to last as long as the juice in their tank lasts. They can be much sweeter because they don’t have to care much about coil lifespan - the juice can ruin the coils in one tank.

Additionally, the cotton has been soaking in the e liquid for quite a long time. Most likely, the disposable has been assembled for weeks before someone vapes it for the first time. The juice has had ample time to soak into every last bit of the cotton.

Sometimes, disposables can taste very off or burnt. The off taste can be attributed to coils that were burnt before the tank was done. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to salvage the vape. Disposables do not have replaceable coils like mod vapes. Without experience modifying your own vapes, it would be difficult and dangerous to be making and replacing coils for a disposable. If you did have the experience to make and attach your own coils, you probably aren’t using disposables.

How do I throw away a disposable?

Despite the name, you can’t just throw disposable vapes away in the trash can. They have the same issues with disposal as pods. Disposable vapes contain electronic components, and the nicotine in disposables means they are also considered hazardous waste.

Generally, you have to contact places around you to figure out where they can be disposed of. Ultimately, the local waste collection authorities will be the best source of information. The FDA also maintains a page with information on disposing of vapes as well.

Why are disposables becoming more popular now?

Though the most noticeable target of the PMTA process was the number of e-liquids available, mods and their parts were subject to the PMTA process as well. Since mods were also part of the PMTA process, and the grace period for PMTA products has ended, the mods and their parts should be taken off the market.

Although mods produce much less waste than disposables, some of their parts still need to be replaced periodically. The cotton and the coils are the parts that need to be replaced the most. Without a supply of coils and cotton, vapers would have to make their own coils or stop using the mod. Though some vapers enjoy making their own equipment, not all people enjoy building electric components.

That is where disposables made with TFN e liquid come in. Legally, disposables with tobacco-free nicotine are not considered tobacco products, and are not considered part of the PMTA. Given how vape supplies can be scarce and inconsistent after the PMTA and USPS ban, a single product with both juice and equipment can be appealing.